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Compact laminate is a decorative paper impregnated with melamine colored resin, with multilayered black or brown kraft paper impregnated with phenolic resin, laminated later, and then the steel sheet at 

a high temperature (150 degrees C) high pressure (1430 psi) environments repression, thickness Ke Yi need to adjust the number of sheets of kraft paper, from 1.6mm to 25mm Jieke production. Anti-fold

special plate surface colors according to their paper layer, can meet a variety of color options, single-sided or double-sided decorative needs, so as decorative materials, because of the thickness of the more traditional Firewood more thick, with sturdy, impact-resistant, waterproof, moisture resistance characteristics, but also for construction material, and it can be drilled, tapping, sanding, lead type, cutting and

other work directly with standard alloy tool steel, also according to the actual needs cut to any desired shape with CNC machines and the lead angle, drill, in fact, both practical and decorative plates.

Anti-fold special plate Applications: Anti-fold special plate extremely wide range of applications, home life kitchen countertops, vanity tops, tables, desks, doors, and even the public space the bathroom cubicle,

washbasin, reception counter, glove cabinets, ceilings, desks and office cubicles, etc., can use anti-fold special plate.

Fu Mei Hua products contain special anti-fold panels, physical and chemical board, the second generation anti-special board, public health interval off, lockers, wall panels, laboratory countertops, bathroom

cabinets, office furniture, etc., the company's products are mainly used in public places such as: airports, banks, stadiums, schools, factories, hospitals, office buildings and so on.

My company to strict management, quality of after-sales service.



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